Notes from the Board

Patrol Masters Hired for On-Site Security

As many residents of downtown have seen, there has been a marked increase in vagrancy and homelessness in our area. We've received reports from several shareholders of ongoing problems on and around the premises of the Royal Palms.

After collecting several proposals, the Board voted and unanimously approved a motion to hire a security company, Patrol Masters, to patrol our property and address any public safety and nuisance issues for our residents.


Condo Conversion Vote Passed

The Board is pleased to announced that tonight's condo conversion vote passed. With a total of 135 ballots counted (representing a nearly 83% voter turnout!) we are very grateful for your participation in this process, and for the support of Hutton Group, Brenda, Michelle and the entire Lordon team for pulling this together.

A vote of 51% of the membership was needed to pass. With 163 shareholders, that is 83 total "yes" votes needed. The vote tally is shown below: