Exterior Window Film FAQ

The Board has received several questions regarding the window film installation

To help specifically address some of these questions/concerns, we are presenting some frequently-asked questions below.

  • Why did you decide to include the film installation as part of the painting project?
  • This was a very, very common request in many homeowner surveys received as part of the paint voting process. It is widely viewed that the window treatments have contributed to the visual disrepair of our building, and the Board agreed.

  • Why didn't you just create architectural standards to unify the kinds of window coverings people use?
  • This wouldn't address the underlying visual inconsistency that is exists even if window coverings have to follow architectural guidelines. Many people have coverings that match the style of their apartments, others are concerned with blocking sunlight and heat. Other even have resulted to tinting their windows, further contributing to the "patchwork" nature of the building's exterior. A consistent reflective film on all windows' exteriors was the only logical solution to addressing this problem. Additionally, by using a reflective film most of the direct sunlight will be reflected outwards creating a significant interior cooling effect and yielding overall energy savings.

  • Why are you using an exterior film?
  • It quite difficult to gain access to all owners' apartment interiors even for minor issues-- coordinating such an effort for interior film installation would be nearly impossible. Plus, it would not have addressed the issue where owners have already replaced their windows with tint embedded. Putting a reflective film on all window exteriors will ensure a consistent look across the entire building.

  • Will the film cause hotspots on surrounding buildings?
  • This is known as the "death ray" and we've been assured it won't be an issue with our building. According to our window film vendor, this phenomenon is caused with curved reflective surfaces and not flat vertical surfaces like found on the Royal Palms. As the film is reflective, it will likely reflect sunlight onto neighboring structures in ways that didn't happen before.

  • Aren't windows the responsibility of the owner? Why is the HOA paying for this?
  • The window film is much like the new paint on the building in that it improves the entire exterior appearance of the building, and without HOA coordination such an effort would be impossible. Just like the HOA provides a consistent appearance through painting the building, it is providing a consistent appearance with window film.

  • Did the Board get 3 bids for this job?
  • Yes, the Project Management firm handling the painting project obtained 3 bids from reputable vendors in Southern California. The Board reviewed these bids and selected the vendor recommended by our Project Management firm, which also happened to be the lowest-cost bid we received. The vendor is Campbell Window Film out of Huntington Beach.

  • How much is this going to cost? How are we paying for it?
  • The total cost of film & installation is around $129K. This will be paid out of reserves. The Board will be further reviewing specific budget allocation prior to signing the contract.

  • Why do this now?
  • A major component cost of the painting project is the rental of the swing stage system enabling workers access to the various floors of the building. By handling installation as part of the same process, the cost is drastically reduced (we've been quoted $200K). Plus, when the project is done-- our building will look so much better!

  • What about the durability of the film?
  • The film will be edge-sealed (you can see this on the sample installation on units 101 and 201) to help ensure full weather-proofing. The film comes with a 7-year manufacturer's warranty and a one-year warranty on installation from Campbell.

  • What are the specifications of this exterior window film?
  • The film is made by a company called Hanita. It is a mirrored/reflective exterior with an interior tint. You can view detailed specifications below.

    View Window Film Specifications

Do you have a question regarding the window film? Contact us.