Patrol Masters Hired for On-Site Security

As many residents of downtown have seen, there has been a marked increase in vagrancy and homelessness in our area. We've received reports from several shareholders of ongoing problems on and around the premises of the Royal Palms.

After collecting several proposals, the Board voted and unanimously approved a motion to hire a security company, Patrol Masters, to patrol our property and address any public safety and nuisance issues for our residents.

While no annual budget had been allocated for security, the Board felt this was an urgent issue and needed to be addressed for the safety and peace-of-mind of residents of the Royal Palms. Patrol Masters is contracted to patrol the Royal Palms property twice a day during hours specified by the Board to address any issues. Additionally, Patrol Masters will respond to any shareholder-reported activity; simply call Patrol Masters at (877) 648-0602 and provide a report of the incident along with the property name.

Common issues reported to Patrol Masters:

  • Reporting loud noises, parties, people in pool after hours
  • Reporting suspicious activities, illegal activities, vagrants loitering or sleeping on the property, etc.

We urge you to be vigilant and report any issues as you see them. In a non-emergency where a crime is being committed, you can also call the Long Beach Police non-emergency line at 562-435-6711 and an officer will be dispatched according to call priority. Also, if there is ever an emergency-- please call 911!

The Board would like your feedback on this issue and whether Patrol Masters visits and on-call response help address this issue over time. Please contact us and let us know if things improve as a result of Patrol Masters' efforts.

To read more about Patrol Masters, you can view their website at

The Board of Directors