Notes from the Board

Paint Project Survey Results

We have the results from the paint project vote!

Here is a summary of the survey:
  • Voting took place between August 2nd and August 19th
  • Total of 71 unique surveys submitted (any owners who submitted more than one, only the latest was counted in the vote-- though all comments were considered)
  • Board member votes are not included in the tally


Royal Palms Historic Photo Archive

We have had several people comment on the wonderful historic imagery used on the Royal Palms website. We are quite fortunate to have such great images from the inception of our beautiful building.

A resident used the contact form to send us a message and asked if there is any way to download the images and if there were any more available.

There actually are some additional images and also some neat printed materials and newspaper articles about the Royal Palms. All are available for download here:


Royal Palms Historic Photo

Exterior Painting Project: Vote

As you are likely aware, the Board has been preparing for the upcoming exterior painting project.

At the outset of this project, we decided it would be prudent to hire a project management firm to oversee the effort as well as provide additional recommendations on aesthetic treatments for our building. We hired JR Van Dijs, Inc., a local firm responsible for the restoration of the historic Art Theatre Long Beach, construction of the contemporary East Village Creative Offices, the in-progress Psychic Temple as well as other local development projects.