Building Paint Color Final Results

After two rounds of public voting and much discussion with owners, the Board has voted and passed a motion to approve a final building paint color scheme.

The Board factored in the results of the both rounds of public voting as well as all comments submitted by shareholders. The final design, which was introduced in the first round and modified based on shareholder feedback, received the highest number of “favorite” votes in every round making it the consistent favorite among shareholders. Updates were made in each round as a response to voter feedback, namely the lightening of the gray to reduce heat retention in the first round and the removal of yellow in the entryway and rooftop in the second round. The results of the Round 2 vote are presented below:

Round 2 Vote Results

Round 2 Vote Graph

Additionally, the Board voted and approved a bid to include an exterior reflective window tinting to be installed during the painting process, a very common request by shareholders. The reflective film will reduce interior temperatures as well as create a consistent treatment and drastically improve the exterior appearance of the building along with the new paint. You should see test color swatches, window film and louvers (air conditioning covers) installed in the coming weeks. We would like to thank everyone who submitted their votes and feedback and we are excited to move forward with this process.

View Final Paint Scheme

New Color Options: Vote

Paint Option

We are excited to present an updated round of colors for vote, currently posted in the office.

In the first round, we had a total of 71 unique votes, and we have used the feedback from the prior round to inform these updated options. If you are curious about the results of the last round of voting, we encourage you to check out the Note from the Board. You will find a detailed breakdown of vote count and responses to several comments submitted in the last round.

We ask that everyone submit their votes on the new color options, as it will likely be the last round of voting prior to the board finalizing colors. We appreciate everyone’s patience in this process while we take the time to ensure this project is done properly.

A few notes about the updated color options:

  • This option is primarily meant to show what a solid color would look like, which was a common request in the last round of voting. If you prefer the solid color treatment but don’t like green, or this particular shade of green—we encourage you to still select this option and simply suggest a different color in the comments. This will allow us to gauge whether people prefer the more consistent color treatment or the more varied color treatments.

  • This option, which is a more moderate version of the blue checkerboard pattern shown in the last round (Option B), is a variation prepared by Sherwin Williams. This was included in response to Option B receiving the second-highest number of votes, with many requests for the yellow to be removed.

  • This option received the most votes in the last round. Based on feedback, the yellow posts in the entryway were changed (many that chose this option as their favorite even requested this), and base grey color was lightened a bit to help address concerns raised about a dark grey absorbing too much heat.

View Paint Color Options

We ask that you take a look and provide your feedback on the forms located in the office by Friday, September 20th. If you would like to submit your vote electronically, please fill out a survey and email it to Brenda.

Paint Project Survey Results

We have the results from the paint project vote!

Here is a summary of the survey:
  • Voting took place between August 2nd and August 19th
  • Total of 71 unique surveys submitted (any owners who submitted more than one, only the latest was counted in the vote-- though all comments were considered)
  • Board member votes are not included in the tally
The result of the vote is as follows:
Painting Survey Graph

If you need a reminder of which option is which, you can view Paint Survey Color Options.

The key findings

Looking purely at the results of the votes, Option C is the "winner". As we've stated in the past, this round of voting was meant to gather feedback from residents and isn't necessarily determinant of the final direction. Some key findings from the survey, and how we have captured and responded to the feedback are:

  • People who liked Option B, which was arguably the most conservative, did not like the yellow accent colors
    • We are presenting a new "conservative" option which does away with bright highlight colors
  • Some people wished there were more uniform color schemes also presented in the mix
    • We will include a color scheme with uniform colors
  • The majority of those who voted liked bolder, more vibrant colors of Option A and Option C
  • Many residents hoped to include some sort of window treatment as part of the project
    • Our project management firm is pulling together estimates to include this as part of the painting project
  • Some concerns about darker colors making the building warmer were raised
    • We have consulted our project management firm; concrete is quite insular and there should be no appreciable interior temperature affect. Also, the reflective window coatings will help further cool interior temperatures.
  • Some concerns about more vibrant colors fading faster were raised
    • Sherwin Williams advised that brighter colors are more prone to fade; those most prone to fade are bright yellows and bright reds. More vibrant color options will therefore require a more active maintenance plan to remain vibrant.

So, what are next steps?

We have captured all of the feedback supplied and are preparing some updated approaches that we will send out for another vote. We will be including updated versions of the two approaches that received the most votes in the prior round of voting. That would include Option B and Option C. We will also be including a new concept provided by Sherwin Williams, which is a nice moderate option between Option C (which is quite aggressive) and Option B (which will be made more conservative). Through this process of voting, feedback & revisions we are confident we will have a solid final winner which accurately reflects the preferences of the majority of our residents. We should have the color selection finalized this month if all goes as planned.

Please keep your eyes peeled and be ready to submit your votes to Brenda later this week!

Exterior Painting Project: Vote

As you are likely aware, the Board has been preparing for the upcoming exterior painting project

At the outset of this project, we decided it would be prudent to hire a project management firm to oversee the effort as well as provide additional recommendations on aesthetic treatments for our building. We hired JR Van Dijs, Inc., a local firm responsible for the restoration of the historic Art Theatre Long Beach, construction of the contemporary East Village Creative Offices, the in-progress Psychic Temple as well as other local development projects.

We absolutely share the view held by many owners that to fully address the exterior needs of the building, a more holistic approach than simply choosing colors and painting should be taken.

We are examining costs for both window treatments and a solution to cover air conditioning units

While nothing has been made official yet the Board hopes to address painting, windows and air conditioning units simultaneously. The costs are not insignificant, through the efforts of prior boards the reserves are healthy and addressing these issues simultaneously will likely be more cost-effective over the long-run. Plus, at the end of the three to four month project, we will have a building that looks completely updated. We will need to build a plan for units that add air conditioners and remove them in order to preserve the consistency, and it will likely require some additional rules to help enforce this, though we believe it will be worth it.

We need your help choosing the colors

As many of you know, we have posted some paint color options provided by a non-profit design firm recommended by JR Van Dijs, City Fabrick and asked for your constructive input. Many of you have already completed the questionnaire and we truly appreciate your feedback. We have chosen to have a written questionnaire so that every shareholder has an equal voice in the process. Plus, it is one of the only ways we can actually quantify something so subjective as color preference. If you have not filled out this survey yet, we ask that you please do so and submit it to Brenda no later than Friday, August 16th. Even if you don't care for any of the colors, please pick your favorite and least favorite and make specific suggestions for each.

It is also worth noting why City Fabrick presented the options they did. Some have questioned the variegated color on the exterior of the building and have suggested a consistent, single color to be applied on the panels instead. Due to the air conditioning units and the visual inconsistency created there, the panels are inherently patterned and by using a single color it would simply make them stand out even more. Plus, over time the paint will fade and when panels are altered (a new air conditioning unit installed, an old one removed, etc.) it will be impossible to match the paint and will thus draw the eye. Having some color variation built into the color scheme will help address the natural color variation that will happen as well as de-emphasizing the air conditioning unit covers. Additionally, the Miller Children's Hospital at Long Beach Memorial, a mid-century building from the same era, was recently repainted and utilized a similar treatment and so City Fabrick's recommended approach is not without precedent.

View Paint Color Options & Survey

Note: Viewing colors on a computer monitor will not be accurate. We recommend you view the printouts in the office for a more consistent representation of color.

So far, the vast majority of those who have voted have been happy with the color choices presented. If however you are unhappy with these choices, we want to know. These aren’t final color schemes, and this is not a final and binding vote. We were aware that modifications would need to be made, though wanted the ownership of the building to be part of the process. Therefore, if you are unhappy with what is presented, please still choose the scheme that is closest to what you would like and suggest what changes you would like to see even if those changes are very significant. We will then collectivize the feedback and request modifications from City Fabrick so that we have options to choose from that are amenable to most. Clearly, not everyone will be perfectly satisfied with the outcome of final color selection, though we hope through this process we can better meet the expectations of a majority of shareholders.

The Board of Directors